Learn how running helps reduce body fat and maintain good health

Learn how running helps reduce body fat and maintain good health

The relationship between running and weight loss is deep-rooted, and many people incorporate running as a healthy way to burn fat. On the other hand, professional runners are always curious to see if losing weight will help them improve their performance.

However, to maximize weight loss, you need to understand how body and weight loss works so that you can plan how to shed pounds while running.

Weight loss depends mainly on the number of calories versus the number of calories expelled. Therefore, the type of food determines whether your running effort will pay off.

If you only eat enough food to maintain the weight, running will lead to effective weight loss.

Lose weight:

Effective weight loss can only be achieved by creating a calorie deficit. Take the first step by approximating your calorie expenditure and adjusting your diet so that you consume at least 500 calories less than the amount you burn each day. This will lead to effective weight loss, which is at least 3,500 calories.

Incorporating running into your program leads to more calorie deficits so that you don’t drastically modify your diet, making it easier for you to lose weight.

For a lasting result, try to change your lifestyle just like switching to water instead of soda as well as getting used to fruits and vegetables instead of chips.

The effect of running on weight loss:

Running is a very effective way to burn calories, which makes it a very effective way to lose weight. It is estimated that jogging for half an hour at about 5 miles per hour burns about 300 calories.

Increasing the speed to about 6.7 mph burns at least 400 calories within 30 minutes. Another increase to 8.6 mph can burn 539 calories in 30 minutes.

Few other exercises can achieve these results easily although some exercises such as swimming, vigorous cycling and ball court are also valid. Also check out these 35 exercises for a flat stomach.

Running is classified as an aerobic exercise and apart from losing weight, running offers other very important benefits.

Aerobic exercises help strengthen the heart and enable it to pump blood more efficiently, resulting in a more stable heart rate. Running also lowers blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Regular running helps improve endurance while stabilizing the blood sugar level. Running also helps improve the release of endorphins that help improve mood and fight depression and anxiety over time.

The researchers also revealed that running, along with other aerobic exercises, helps boost cognitive function and helps fight brain degeneration that comes with age.


Running is one of the most effective aerobic exercises that greatly aid in weight loss. However, to maximize the benefits of aerobic exercise, you need to develop a strategy.

Jumping in a very intense running routine can cause injuries. Start with simple running exercises and gradually increase the speed over time, making sure you are comfortable with it each time. You may feel uncomfortable for a while, but the effect should subside over time.

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