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Orthodontist vs orthodontist


Orthodontics with a dentist who specializes in orthodontics, and how important is it? walk in dentist

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I think everyone has heard both of them. Orthodontist and orthodontist, but it is expected that there will be some misunderstanding. Regarding these two doctors, who exactly is legally able to provide orthodontic services? So with whom should we have braces? The answer is already here.

Meaning of orthodontics

walk in dentist
walk in dentist

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that corrects the deviation of the teeth and jaws. Malocclusion and abnormal tooth alignment by installing braces on the teeth to reduce the problem of early tooth loss Chewing food more fully Easier cleaning of the teeth Along with that, it also helps in personality. There are 3 groups of orthodontic service providers in Thailand.

  1. Other general dentists
  2. Orthodontist
  3. Orthodontist

Who is a general dentist?

walk in dentistry  general dentistry takes 6 years to study according to the bachelor’s degree programme. The course will be just an introductory lesson in orthodontics. Therefore, if a newly graduated doctor does not have enough experience in orthodontics for patients. So you need to learn more with both short-term courses and heavy format and long-term courses for full-time study

Who is an orthodontist?

Orthodontist Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in General Dentistry spent 6 years studying and then taught full time in Orthodontics at University. Which takes approximately 2-4 years to complete the course

Who is an orthodontist?

walk in dentist
walk in dentist

An orthodontist is a dentist who graduates with a bachelor’s degree in general dentistry, which lasts for 6 years, and then continues to study at a university in a full-time orthodontic program for another 2-4 years, which can be studied both in the country and abroad. After graduation, he must take an exam to become an orthodontist at the Dental Council of Thailand. After passing the test, you will receive a certificate and be registered as an orthodontist

So is it different?

Many people may start to get confused as a result of this. Orthodontists and orthodontists, how  are they different? Or is it the same person? But let me tell you, the truth is completely different. Because orthodontists are those who have passed the highest level of orthodontic exams. Have a certificate from the Thai Medical Council can easily check the list and those who specialize in orthodontics will have already passed orthodontic studies.

But it’s not that you have to have orthodontic treatment with a dentist who only specializes in straightening teeth. Because dentists and general orthodontists who have graduated have professional licenses that can treat teeth or treat other diseases. In the mouth also and in most cases general dentists who wish to provide orthodontic services will also attend the training to gain additional knowledge from the various short courses. There are so many courses offered all the time that even if you don’t graduate directly in orthodontic specialties, you can do orthodontic treatment for patients as well.

Where can we check the list?

Checking the list of orthodontists can be easily done with a search from the Royal College of Dentistry of Thailand website but don’t worry if you can’t find the names of some dentists because if they are orthodontists the list will only be found on the website of the Association of Orthodontists in Thailand. Thailand, hopefully not confusing.

Why should you undergo orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist?

Saying that becoming a dentist is really not easy. You must go through many years of study and still have to pass exams to get certified in the field of orthodontics. And he can be called a real orthodontist who is able to solve problems of extremely abnormal tooth structure, solve all kinds of abnormalities.

In conclusion, where do I go to get braces?

walk in dentist
walk in dentist

There will be a distinct difference in the curricula for general dentists , orthodontists and orthodontists. Which would you think that many people have already decided where they choose orthodontic treatment? However, before you decide on braces, try looking up a list of names. Orthodontists can be obtained from the Royal Dental College of Thailand website first for certainty and comfort in yourself because no matter what, our oral safety is our number one priority.

Because braces are not done in just two days. Dentists should plan to restructure our teeth for the whole mouth. Details must be accurate, equipment must be ready, and when there is a problem, the dentist must adapt quickly from the knowledge he has. Because orthodontics can not only help with oral health. But also a good personality. Confidence in your own smile, too. Therefore, before choosing a place for braces, find an orthodontist. better than before

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