natural beauty meaning

natural beauty meaning


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natural beauty

Natural beauty is the pleasure of a mysterious, bewitching attraction that has no explanation or definition, manifesting in all of our appearance, behavior, feelings, and how we treat others .

Words about natural beauty

Reason is linked to truth, morality is linked to duty, and taste leads us to art and natural beauty . If natural beauty attracts attention, morals take over hearts. If you look at existence with optimism, you will see the beauty inherent in all of its atoms. Her natural beauty is proof, but a cheerful soul needs proof. Love that only cares about physical beauty is not true love. Hasan’s outward beauty, beauty of spirit, and a good sole. The Creator should be glorified by seeing natural beauty. Natural beauty catches the eye, virtues conquer the soul.Natural beauty is an inexhaustible source of happiness for those who know how to discover it. Beauty without shame, rose without perfume.

natural beauty synonym

Poetic verses about natural beauty

natural beauty meaning
natural beauty meaning

This poem is Dalal you are worthy so it is similar to the poem Dalal you are worthy so it was written by poet Ibn al-Farid who is Omar bin Ali bin Murshid bin Ali al-Hamwi from Egypt. , nicknamed Sharaf ad-Din ibn al-Farid, he is one of the most famous Sufi poets.

His poems were mostly about divine love, which led him to be nicknamed “The Sultan of Lovers”. Be a guide, you are the people of that one, so judge, for Al-Hasan gave you and your things, so spend that you are a judge. And whatever you want in your whim, test me, so choose what pleases you, so in any case you are more important than me, because I would not exist without you, and catch me with honor.

Your love, your humiliation and your subjugation, and I am not of your palms, but if you are for you, then in reference, I assigned to my parent, the glory and the game, and Lakk. If you had left him, he would not have left you with beauty, you would cover him with great majesty, and there he would suffer torment, and if the hope of him were safe from him, he would be near you, so the fear of the wanderer would keep you away from him, make a wish when he cheats on you. Are you to my father’s death with one dent Alors you as a couleur alive, that is the most precious life of my life, that you are the companion of the saviez-vous?

And being in my arms, I said: Ha ha, enough of what was dripping from your eyelids, my ulcers, so what happened? fatwa, turning away from me and others with love?

Who destroyed my rupture, my humility, my need, my poverty, my wealth?

Perhaps you will take pity on my complaint, at least, listening to my words, let the agitators slander you with my desertion and spread the rumor that I have bent your desires.

beautiful synonym for nature

I turned to the meeting if you were weaving under the light of the fret or the wind of the Tabbak, I shed my breath when the morning creases came into my eyes and a good deed, a good deed for all in your time, but I’m alone in you, but I’m alone in you

natural beauty meaning
natural beauty meaning

You have surpassed beautiful people in kindness and kindness, because they surpass your baseness. Lovers gathered under my banner and all sailors under cover. you are next to me, with your distance and your tenderness, I found in your dryness the knowledge of desire, then my eyelids woke up I saw you, preferably on the night when I resumed your captivity, and As-Sahdali was The defense of the full moon was the specter, greeting you in my limbs when he woke up and itched and I saw the cursed eye in you and I read

And I did not see the sivaka and similarly Khalil turned in front of me when he was looking at occultism because the diaji is now ours with you where I got advice from you two. Strange and inside Mawaka smells of musk everywhere my name, since you called me, I kissed Waka and the smell is lost in all the clubs.

And it is a memory that expresses the strangeness. He said to me, “Well, everything has manifested through me and become complete!” I said, “I mean, he saw me as a lover. I see you in him as something that deceived others, and there’s a meaning in him. And you’ll see the sin and the heart will connect his love, so turning away from you is a trap, and I don’t see the shirk.

Poem I love beauty

Poem “I love beauty” by poet Kamel al-Shennawi. He is an Egyptian poet and journalist born in 1908. Worked in journalism with Dr. Taha Hussain at Al-Wadi newspaper. He was known for his lyric poetry. Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab, Abdel-Halim Hafez and others sang for him. There is no me in your love for those who accuse us My heart does not listen to what makes us tremble My heart is not with me. . He hears the guilt. . But he disappeared! ! You accuse my heart of loving slowly. . So could you want us? !Ask about beauty, but has the heart lived for a kind and loving lover? !

describing the beauty of nature

I love beauty wherever it is alive, rebellious or calm, I love beauty in the darkness of the night, which arouses in us longing and longing. . In a hadith like revelation or the language of love, the sweetness and resonance are sublime. . There is a smile in which sadness sparkles. Which of you has seen a sad smile? ! I wake the dawn with complaints, and feed the stars of the night with the embarrassment and suspicion of the hostile, or with the breath of his whims, in whose fragrance the heart is deposited with a hostile groan. . .I left my heart in his Lord, homeless and crazy, my beloved, enough connection that, with wishes, I meet you from time to time!

Thoughts on natural beauty

natural beauty meaning
natural beauty meaning

First thought: You don’t know how beautiful you are.. You think the hard mirror reflection of your face is your truth.. You missed a lot. eyes when you laugh.. Or how a shy smile escapes you when you speak.. Your piercing eyes.. And full of reproach.. There are many of your beautiful details. Second thought: Laugh often and often… Earn the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children… Earn the appreciation of honest critics… Endure the betrayal of false friends… Appreciate natural beauty.. Find the best in others… Leave this world A little better.

Natural Beauty Messages

First message: My life was beautiful.. I saw a lot of pain there.. and a lot of beauty.. It was a pleasant and varied journey.. And that is life after all.. The main thing is to love the beauty of yourself.. the universe and people.. Second message: I fell in love with you by force.. Not because you are the most beautiful.. but because you are the deepest. A lover of natural beauty.. usually a fool.. Third message: You can’t depend on the color of your skin.. until you feel stable and sure of yourself.. What is beautiful in principle is that you are merciful to yourself .. and to others .. and so on beauty .. illuminates the heart and enchants the soul ..

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