how to get famous on tik tok fast

how to get famous on tik tok fast


How to shoot tik tok

Shooting method in the Tik Tok app and edits available through it

The Tik Tok app allows its users to shoot videos of 60 or 15 seconds, and the shooting mechanism is as follows.

Open the TikTok app.
Tap the plus sign (+) located in the middle of the app screen towards the bottom. Choose the length of the video to shoot, so the options are 60 seconds (60 seconds) or 15 seconds (15 seconds).
Choose between direct shooting or using the available effects by clicking the Effects option on the left or right side of the screen.

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Select the appropriate effect from the options by clicking on it.
Click on the screen to exit the effects menu.
Use advanced photography tools such as camera flip or speed option to increase video speed, or beauty option to activate beauty mode.
Click “Filters” to select and apply them to your video or photo.
Click on the “Timer” option to set a suitable time and automatically stop at it.
Start capturing by clicking the red circle icon at the bottom center of the screen, which indicates the start of recording.
After shooting is complete, press the red button with a check mark (✔) inside to start watching the video for a preview before publishing, and from there you can add additional effects and filters.
To trim the length or trim the video, you can click the Trim Clips option, and there are several options available for editing before

how to get famous on tik tok fast
how to get famous on tik tok fast

Post your video as
“Voiceover” to add sound to it .
“Sounds” to add, for example, a sample song or music from the library.
Text to write text on video.
Click “Next” when all changes are made.
Add a description for the video and set its privacy.
Click on the “publish” option.

How to Add a Photo to the Tik Tok App

You can add an image to your Tik Tok account by following these steps.

Open the Tik Tok app.
Click the plus sign (+).
Click on the “download” icon in the lower right or left corner of the screen.
Click the Image tab at the top of the screen, then select an image to add. If you want to add multiple images, you can click on the bubble icon that appears as a hollow circle inside each image. painting.

How to save a video taken by someone else on Tik Tok

You can save a clip of someone else’s TikTok app shooting by following the steps below.

Open the Tik Tok app.
Navigate to the video you want to save and download to your device.
When playback starts, click the arrow icon on the right or left side of the video screen.
After clicking the “Save Video” button, the video will start loading by itself.


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