4 Nice Pants that Are Actually Leggings


Putting together a last-minute outfit for work can throw a monkey wrench into your mornings, especially if you just switched from working from home to going into the office. The thought of having to trade off your super-comfy pajamas, leggings, or loungewear for stiff slacks or uncomfortable dress pants can give you the heebie-jeebies.

It’s incredibly exciting to be able to see our favorite coworkers and office buddies once again in the flesh. But dressing for work? What’s that?! And while we’ve been holding forth in super casual everything at home,  dress pants for work haven’t changed much in wearability or comfort in the past year of remote working.

But there’s one piece of clothing that promises to be a game-changer: leggings-style dress pants. They offer up the best of both worlds— the professional look of traditional dress pants and the buttery-soft comfort of yoga pants.

This is fantastic news—especially if you always find yourself torn between leggings and skinny dress pants. This is the pair of work pants you have always dreamt of but never knew you could actually find.

The choice is expanding, too, as more brands are producing these stretchy dress pants. Even more exciting, these skinny yet ultra-cozy beauties come in many awesome colors!

Today, we are going to highlight four dress pants for work that are actually leggings.

1- Sanctuary Clothing Camo Legging

Dressing for work is now easier and more hassle-free than ever before, all thanks to this pair of leggings from Sanctuary Clothing reflecting the laid-back LA lifestyle. One thing is certain: this isn’t your average pair of leggings.

Sanctuary Clothing has been at it for more than two decades, and the brand knows a thing or two about designing a top-notch pair of comfortable pants. And this pair is truly one of their chicest creations.

Camo leggings are woven from a sweat-wicking, fast-drying fabric blend that’s also stretchy and airy. That’s all thanks to its composition of 5% spandex for optimal stretch, 38% rayon, and 57% polyester for breathe-easy, comfortable wear.

Although they feature 4-way stretch fabric, these pants are not see-through and passed the squat test with flying colors. That means you can wear them pretty much anywhere, from the office to the yoga studio and right to your couch at home.

These full-length, form-fitting pants spot a high-rise waist that will hug your figure and provide great tummy control. The legging design omits both buttons or zippers to keep a sleek, easy feel  — just slip into them, and you’re good to go.

Styling this pair of leggings-style dress pants is a breeze, too. To professionalize your office look, team these pants with any flowy blouse, button-up shirt, or slick jacket.

You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes to pair the leggings with. You can go for black leather knee-high boots, caramel leather ankle boots, beige leather pumps, black suede over-the-knee boots, or flat lace-up boots.

Grab Sanctuary Clothing’s camo leggings in ten super-wearable colors and styles, including slick black, red edge, forest camo, and mahogany. Did we mention that 37% of the fabric material is recycled polyester? These are the best in environmentally-friendly, stylish leggings!

2- Bamans Women’s Skinny Dress Pants

These Bamans women’s skinny dress pants look so dressy and work-appropriate that you’ll have a tough time convincing your colleagues that they’re leggings. It’s the kind of work pant that you have always wanted but never knew existed, and it’s perfect for pulling off a chic look for work.

Say goodbye to work pants that ride up. Not only do leggings-style dress pants fit snugly, but they also won’t dig into your torso or create a bulge in your tummy area.

They’re not see-through, yet the fabric is super-stretchy and comfortable. Don’t expect any “uh-oh moments,” whether you’re stretching at a yoga studio, lifting weights in the gym, or picking up your bag from below your desk.

That’s because these leggings are all about practical fashion, and their pockets make them even more of a plus for work. There’s a pair of usable and deep side pockets, plus the back features two faux welt ones.

The lack of buttons and zippers keeps the simplicity of the leggings, making them super easy to put on. We also love that they have a high riser for a flattering fit that will amp up your office look. They come in three office-friendly shades: gray, navy blue, and black.

3- Yogipace Cropped Kick Flare Leggings

If you are after dressy leggings that can effortlessly transition between the office and everyday life, your first choice should be Runway Legging from Sanctuary. But, if you prefer Capri-length work pants, buy a pair of these cropped kick flare leggings from Yogipace.

The high-waisted yoga pants are almost as comfortable and versatile as Sanctuary’s. They are made out of a four-stretch fabric that is supportive and thick, so you won’t have to worry about see-through leggings. These kick-flare pants are 90% polyester, so they are quick-drying and incredibly moisture-wicking, as well.

Thanks to subtle details like the modest kick flare and no-droop waistline, they look like real work pants but feel buttery-soft. Wearers rave about their fitted and understated design, making the pair more sophisticated and classier than other yoga pants.

You’ll appreciate that such leggings-style dress pants can be dressed down or up, depending on your occasion.  Wearing these pants with a beige or brown raincoat will make for a dreamy smart casual outfit sure to light up your office on Fridays. Black suede or pink leather pumps are a simple way to add a confident touch to the look.

Extra stretchy, super comfortable, and machine washable. What more could you ask for in dress pants for work?

4- Athleta Wander Stash Skinny Pant

Skinny pants are usually designed to fit like a glove, which can make them look more casual than professional. We love this style because the pair looks like real work trousers but feels like yoga pants. The design offers some stretch, and the fabric is thick enough to stand up to whole-day wear or even heavy workouts.

When you want to put together something comfortable while still looking office-ready, these skinny leggings fit the bill. The pants work brilliantly for commuters and busy office workers alike.

There are pockets galore in the design. A pair of side pockets, as well as two pockets on the front, keep you prepared for places to stash necessities. Reviewers couldn’t get enough of the two zippered back pockets that are perfect for personal essentials.

Unlike other pants highlighted so far, this design doesn’t sport a high riser. Instead, the leggings just smooch your natural waistline, making them perfect if you’re not a big fan of high-waisted work pants. The legs of the pants do taper downwards to the ankle, giving the leggings a classier look.

In addition, the leggings are extra long-lasting and machine washable.  Choose from black, abalone grey, or peat.

There you have it – four super-lovely pants that we were amazed to learn are actually leggings. With these dressy leggings, getting ready for work in the morning just got way easier and more fuss-free. They are also great for when you want to pull off a casual, smart casual, or even relaxed look.

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