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true beauty viu



VIU’s Top 20 Korean Series, Recommended 2023, Complete All Genres

At this moment, there may not be any Korean series fans who don’t know a website to watch series and TV shows that have copyrights like “VIU” anymore, because in addition to downloading popular Korean series for the army to actually watch legally. It is also freely available in the form of websites and apps. With Thai subtitles allowing you to tune in and enjoy the story as you like it. For those who want to watch without interstitial ads or want full HD, you can pay a monthly fee to apply for VIU Premium as well.

For those who are looking for Korean series on VIU, we believe that you will definitely not miss this article. Because today we have selected  20 Korean series on VIU that are fun and interesting to watch,   plus each story is popular in both Thailand and Korea. Ready to serve you with every taste, every genre, be it  comedy  ,  romantic  ,  retro  ,  investigation  and many more.

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VIU’s Top 20 Korean Series recommends all genres

It’s time to fill your free day with VIU’s most popular Korean series. Which Korean dramas on VIU will be on our list? And will there be a story played by your favorite actor?
true beauty viu
true beauty viu

JTBC Studios Korean drama The World of the Married


It conveys the story of a life partner in a superior manner, an intense chapter, reaching the most emotional

A Korean love series that conveys the story of Mia and his mistresses to be superior. Because she did not raise the issue of corrupt love openly but used behavior rather than words and symbols in communication. That is, of course, we will definitely not see any fight or competition in this story. But what you will see is action that is brief and fast. The drama is intense and deep, including the main characters and supporting characters who have interesting problems. Makes viewers unable to choose which team they want to join

Craveworks YG Studioplex Korean series Mister Queen


Hilarious retro series novel plot with inviting content

This series will appeal to comedy fans who want a novelty because Mr. Queen isn’t just your typical retro series. But it also comes with a bizarre body-swapping plot between Jang Bong Hwan the flirtatious young chef and Kim Soo-young the acting queen of the Joseon era whose body swap becomes the beginning of chaos in the royal palace that will make you laugh at the queen’s dashing cuteness. Not only this but it also adds up to an intense struggle for the throne. Which makes Mr. Quinn’s story even more compelling. But it doesn’t look too cumbersome.

Dragon Studio, Doberman Doberman K-series movie logos, Military Prosecutor

true beauty viu
true beauty viu

A career as a military prosecutor with a vengeance and investigation of army corruption

When it comes to popular korean dramas. Do not miss talking about military dramas, and this story is another military style in a new perspective with the story of the profession of a military prosecutor where the protagonist of the story, Du Bai Man, is a person who has a relationship with the army in the past. But he agrees to work in exchange for fame and money before being discharged. He is assigned to collaborate with rookie military prosecutor Cha Woo-in, who comes from a wealthy family. But he agreed to work as a military prosecutor because he wanted revenge and to investigate some stories. This is the starting point for both of them to fight corruption in the military. 

Dragon Studio, Bon Factory Doctor Ghost K-drama


A genius surgeon takes over a resident’s body.

For anyone who wants to find a medical series to watch but is secretly bored with the same old plot, we recommend this series. When a genius surgeon like an arrogant and selfish Cha Youngmin should be possessed in the body of Go Seung Tak, a good resident practitioner in theory. But he is unable to perform due to fear of blood. Two people with very different personalities are forced to live in the same body because of an event. Cause to be a sitcom that can laugh a little There are also famous actors like Rain and Kim Bum playing opposite each other. Neck chain, don’t miss it.

Monster Union Studio Dragon Flower of Evil Korean Drama

true beauty viu
true beauty viu

Brief story Ignore the knot wisely. invites you to follow through to the end

What do you do when you’re a crime cop? But I knew that the husband you live with every day might be a serial killer! This is a fascinating plot that will somewhat attract fans of Korean series. Although it looks like a heavy drama, the plot is concise and not too complicated. Also cleverly leaving a different loop Create excitement in each episode so that the audience is attracted. Not only that, but Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Young’s skills are still strong and they can fool the audience. But what will he deceive? I have to go and watch it anyway.

Studio & New, Studio Dragon, tvN production Korean series The Devil Judge


When a judgment in a holy court turns into a reality show

Korean crime drama series. About Korea at a time when it was at its lowest point. Both of them are epidemiological problems and the government’s failed management, and then the court’s actions turned into realistic programmes. That the public participate in the judgment of the accused regardless of whether the accused is a businessman or a minister’s affiliation, Assistant Judge Kim Gaon was curious about the young judge’s backstory.

Dragon Studio, C-JeS Entertainment Korean series Eve


When the family was framed she had to return to exact her revenge using magic.

The work of Seo Ye Ji, who returns again as Erael, a good-looking woman who was born into a wealthy family. But one day her father is slandered by a powerful businessman. Moreover, her mother disappeared without a trace. He makes her run abroad and seek help from Seo Eun Pyeong, a human rights lawyer whose father helped her. He made both of them plan together for 13 years and return to take revenge again using magic to get close to an influential family as a way to avenge her family.

Creative Leaders Group 8, Studio S K-drama Taxi Driver

true beauty viu
true beauty viu

Taxi service revenge for victims who did not get justice

Taxi Driver is a Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name. Telling the story of a taxi driver who is not an ordinary taxi but an underground taxi service. Which uses the company name Rainbow Taxi and of course the service is not a regular person’s transportation but a private service. It is to avenge the victims who did not get justice from the law. Former Special Forces Kim Do Ki unwittingly joins Rainbow Taxi and launches a revenge operation for the victims. Together with all five colleagues, prosecutor Kang Hana begins to wonder whether or not the mysterious taxi service that always pops up every time the Rainbow Taxi case is revealed. I must go follow.

Dragon studio korean drama happiness


When a new epidemic appears make people find a way to survive

For anyone looking for a miserable series we recommend this one. The story will tell the story of a near future world where epidemics have become common in the major cities of Korea. High-rise apartments grew like mushrooms. Rich people buy rooms on the upper floors, while the poor rent rooms on the lower floors. Then with the situation that a new epidemic appeared again which caused the apartment to be closed in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The people in the building must struggle to survive under terror. Paranoia and inequality

Climax Studios Korean Dramas If You Wish Me


Find out your perspective on life. From the wishes of the terminally ill

Samhwa Networks Korean Drama From Now On Showtime!


A series of witches who transport souls and textbooks for girls who love justice.

JS Pictures, OCN Korean Drama Illusion


Check out the truth about the Chimera case that happened again 35 years ago.

Miss Entertainment K-drama shooting stars


Artist management team of the company who deal with a lot of top stars

Celltrion Entertainment JTBC Korean drama Beyond Evil

Connect a serial killer complex with psychological issues. Intense and thoughtful.

Ace studio k -drama through the dark


Investigative series The true story of a behavioral analysis team in Korea

Binge Works, Studio N Korean Dramas Today Webtoon


Young judoka turned webtoon editor. due to injury

jTBC Korean drama Miracle


A sad love triangle between a friend’s idol and her favorite idol.

Share Mong Jack Soo, Dragon Studio Secret Royal Inspector of Korean Dramas and Joy

From dreaming of opening a dumpling shop to becoming the youngest undercover inspector

Samhwa Networks, Cross Pictures, a new Korean series, My Life


The plaintiff was assassinated by a powerful man. who came back to life at the age of 18


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