Winter wedding dresses to celebrate the holidays

Winter wedding dresses to celebrate the holidays

When planning a wedding, most brides try to choose a warm season – summer, spring, in some cases, the beginning of autumn. Rarely does anyone consciously choose the winter season to celebrate. Yes, winter isn’t the most popular time of the year for a wedding, but as with any wedding, a winter wedding can be magical and memorable. A winter wedding can turn into a real warm fairy tale if it is decorated correctly and tastefully.

When choosing the time of year and looking for the most suitable months for a wedding, it is worth stopping in the winter period for many reasons. First of all, it is a romantic and beautiful time. Couples have the ability to set the time and date without booking them six months in advance through discounted rates for all services. In general, a winter wedding is an opportunity to choose a truly royal outfit because winter wedding dresses are distinguished by unsurpassed elegance and sophistication.

The nuances

Gathering in the aisle, the girl thinks not only of a happy life with her husband, but also of wedding dresses. And in this regard, the winter season is in no way inferior to the summer season in terms of a variety of options. For example, a flashy dress with long sleeves and a Victorian collar is not appropriate in the heat. The holiday in the cold season leaves an imprint on the image of the bride.

The outfit of the bride in the first place should pamper the girl with comfort and coziness. It is important that the hero of the occasion enjoys the holiday and is not looking for a corner where you can warm up. Stylists recommend paying attention to models:

  • with fur trim
  • With long sleeves.
  • with a closed back
  • with a closed top.

Among the materials, it is better to choose dense fabrics, for example, satin or natural silk. Such models will not allow the bride to freeze and will keep her shape well. Long sleeves hide the “chills” on the skin from the cold.

A couple of tips for choosing a dress

Often brides choose a dress, focusing only on the style and not thinking about the weather and what kind of dress to wear for a winter wedding. For example, you should not choose clothes with a deep neckline, short sleeves or an open back. PERFECT – Dress with long lace sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Brides should also look at the options for dresses with beads, crystals, sequins, and beads. In sunny weather, a photo session in a winter wedding dress looks especially impressive: the dress will sparkle as much as snow, turning the bride into a real queen.

Another suitable dress option for the cold season will be a long skirt with a train, which goes well with a matching cape. Also, instead of a bolero jacket, you can wear a short jacket, which will not allow the bride to freeze and at the same time give the image elegance.

Shoes and accessories

For a winter wedding, you will need not one, but two pairs of shoes. Warm shoes are essential outdoors, while evening shoes with high heels are essential for indoor celebrations. It will seem to some that the option of sandals is also suitable for a celebration, but this is not so. No matter what heating is likely provided in the restaurant, your feet can freeze. And don’t forget the tights.

In addition, you will need accessories:

An elegant handbag or clutch that matches the color of the shoes.

A scarf and gloves are useful for outdoor events. Moreover, it is better to choose leather gloves because they look more respectable than knitted or others.

For the dress, you can choose an elegant belt that will highlight the waistline. The universal colors of the accessory are silver and gold.

The main feature of the winter bouquet is frost resistance. The most reliable option may be artificial crystal flowers. If there are knitted things in the wedding design, then the bouquet can consist in whole or in part of knitted flowers and hearts. In this case, you are not afraid of any frost, and the bouquet will remain not only in the memory of the guests but also decorate the interior of the future family nest. However, live packages are becoming more and more popular. Pay attention to orchids, anemones and calla lilies in shades of white, pink or pastel purple.

How to isolate

There are many options for outerwear for a winter wedding. The most common is a fur coat made of natural or artificial fur. Its length and color depend on the color and style of the wedding dress. The color of the fur coat should be chosen so that it matches the color of the dress. At the same time, keep in mind that against the background of a white dress, natural fur can look dirty, no matter how white it is. And in combination with an ivory dress, even noble fur looks cheap if it is a lighter color. Other outerwear for a winter wedding are as follows:

  • The shawl can be complemented with a vintage brooch or a satin ribbon. The romantic bride will choose a shawl for her romantic winter wedding.
  • The coat may be preferred by the practical bride. After all, after a winter holiday, you can wear it all the time. The coat is perfect for formal wedding dresses and retro looks. It doesn’t have to be light at all. You can choose a coat of bright colors that will emphasize the style of the bride and make her stand out among the guests.
  • Thanks to the warmth, the jackets are designed to make the newlyweds feel cozy and comfortable at a winter wedding. There are many variations of jackets.
  • Bolero, cape, jacket. These things will show off the elegance and grace of the bride, especially if they are hand-knitted.

Girls are looking forward to this day. The entry into the image of the bride begins from early childhood when the girl first puts on a white dress. Therefore, the coldest season can be the warmest for you, thanks to this event.


No matter what time of year the wedding takes place, it is always beautiful and gorgeous. The winter wedding deserves special attention because the holiday in the cold season is not only very beautiful, but also requires a careful approach of the bride and groom in creating a festive image and style of the event. You can easily book your desired winter restaurant, get inspiration from holidays, choose the decor, and arrange a great photo session. As you can see, in winter you can celebrate this holiday no worse than in summer (and maybe better). So if you are not afraid of frost and snow, and know how to truly appreciate the original winter beauty, you can make the wedding the brightest event in your life.

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