Benefits Of Same Day PCR Testing For Travel


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, many people will be hopping on a plane to head home for the holidays, or perhaps if they are lucky, off to a hotter climate for the winter months. Same day PCR testing has allowed travellers to get back to their normal lives without having to quarantine for days. 

The PCR test has allow airlines to open up travel once more, countries to accept international visitors, and large events to go ahead as planned. The importance of PCR testing cannot be stressed enough, as it allows us to keep track of who is healthy and who is carrying the virus so they can keep themselves distanced from others.

But with all these Covid tests like lateral flow tests, antigen tests, PCR and more, there can be a bit of confusion when it comes to choosing and booking a test. Fear not, for we are going to do our best to keep you in the know and help you get a PCR test.

What Is PCR Testing?

Although PCR testing may sound like a new method of testing, it has actually been around for almost 40 years. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, it was mainly used to test DNA sequences and other forms of genetic material.

When first described in 1985, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was a single method that could be utilised in various domains, from fundamental biological research and industry to clinical research and treatments. When it comes to nucleic acid multiplication, PCR continues to be a popular method.

Same Day Travel Testing in London

Same day PCR testing in London is hugely popular, mainly due to the fact that London is the UK’s biggest city, and London has 4 very busy airports. With millions of passengers coming through London airports, it makes sense that the UK’s first stage of testing defence takes place in the capital city.

You can book a PCR test in London with one of the many approved testing providers, from companies like Randox, Dam Health and even British high street legend Boots. The tests are relatively inexpensive, pain-free and simple to conduct, and although some people do complain about the swap up the nose, it is not nearly as bad as people might suggest.

To book a same day test you will usually be required to go online and find your chosen date and choose a time for your test. The test will usually only take 5 minutes or so, however you will be required to attend the testing centre around 15 minutes early to ensure you get tested on time.

Test At Home Or At The Testing Centre

Testing providers are doing their utmost to ensure that the public has the easiest testing experience possible. Most providers are now offering a test at home kit, which are great if you are returning from another country and need to take a day 2 test to confirm your Covid status. 

In-clinic testing will still take place for those that would prefer to have the test administered to them, but it is great to have the option of doing your own test.

All you need to do to perform a test at home is to book your test kit online, and specify where and when you will be collecting it from. Then you simply go along and pickup your test kit, which has everything you need, including instructions for how to take your test.

Once you have completed your test, you can seal it up and pop it in a test return box located at the test site. You should get your results in less than 24 hours provided your sample isn’t compromised.

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