true beauty

true beauty

Real beauty from within, build it yourself!

Because nowadays , external “beauty” can be added. It can also change over time that is why we should appreciate and focus on beauty. This deep mind invites you around to create true beauty. By modifying the concept, let life be beautiful from the inside so that it is reflected on the outside.


Be honest with yourself

Nobody knows us better than ourselves. So take the time to look at yourself honestly. And see what are its advantages and disadvantages especially disadvantages in order to see it in the disadvantages. Can it be improved or improved? how? This method will practice, review and develop your shortcomings. It can make you become a better person


I like what you are

After reviewing its advantages and disadvantages no matter how much pros and cons there are . Including disadvantages that will be able to improve or not. Don’t forget that it’s all about you. Therefore, it is important to accept and be proud of who you are which brings confidence to help strengthen your charm and make you look more beautiful in your own way.


Accept the difference

Variations are part of nature. Therefore, no one is equal in beauty every inch. Even if they are real brothers and sisters, there should still be normal points of similarity and dissimilarity. To accept and learn the difference between ourselves and others without making the comment that beauty should be like this all the same because if everything were the same the world would lack a little color and interest.


Stay positive

Mind, mind and body are closely linked. That’s why the idea of ​​being on the inside can affect your appearance and your outer beauty , for example, if you’re stressed all the time. It will show through the facial expressions, the shine in the eyes, which will make you look sullen. Everyone who saw him did not want to come close. In addition, stress also affects the inside of the body. Make skin look so aging, no matter what your concerns. Look at it from a good angle and then think about solving the problem without putting too much pressure on yourself


Choose to keep or ignore revisions.

After creating positive thoughts and building self-confidence  at times , I have to accept that confidence in myself that I used to have. They can be easily destroyed by the words or criticism of others. There are helpful and unhelpful reviews. Let you try to re- and re-think the different reviews. I heard that for what purpose did the speaker speak? From believe it or not in order to see if it should be kept for further development or leave the criticism there.


Decrease the importance of appearance

Although the appearance is the first thing that impresses the onlookers. But the mind and the mind are equally important. Because it can continue and impress continuously and last longer, but this does not mean that you stop caring about your personality. Or beauty outside at all Just downplay and turn your attention to the idea. More quirks


Stop bullying

When you know how to love and respect yourself you should love and respect others because everyone should be different as mentioned above. This means that there is nothing wrong with being different. So you can’t take standards or be yourself. To judge others whether it is intentional or not


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