Talk to babies from the womb to build relationships.

Form a bond with children by communicating with children with a good expression of love Bonding with the child will make the child love and associate the same answer in a good way, for example, even the baby in the womb, if the gestational age is 5 months, the auditory nerve begins to work Advise people Surroundings who are not the mother Talk to the unborn child Talk to the child to get used to the voice of that person.  Because of each person’s tone, tenderness will appear. Hardness, softness, and tenderness depend on the style of speaking and pronunciation. Babies will learn good relationships from people who talk to them through their mother’s belly. The mother herself will know all the time.

Pregnant women avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and stress.

Pregnant women should be in a good mood, keep yourself in a good emotional state. In order not to affect the baby if the mother is stressed, she will release stress hormones. For the unborn baby through the umbilical cord Exhausted mothers after 25 days of pregnancy may harm brain development because at 25 days of pregnancy, brain cells begin to develop and this period occurs symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the child (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Autism (abnormal brain function). It is not caused by the tense mood of the mother alone. Caused by the exposure of the mother to toxins through food, air, water, and brain toxic substances whether they are addictive substances, tea, coffee, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, antidepressants, etc. are effective. This is a problem that you may need to be careful about.

Family members show affection, touch and hold the baby and hold it in the same position as the breastfeeding mother.

When the baby is born, people who are not mothers during breastfeeding should be in the same position as the breastfeeding mother, that is, the breasts are connected to each other, and they convey feelings to each other through touch.

Eye contact, visual coordination, talking with children, smiling

When the baby is 3 months old, the eyes are focused. He will see the things around him clearly This is a good point for parents or people around the baby to make eye contact, and look at the baby with gentle eyes.  With loving eyes and speaking in the same voice, it creates a strong bond between the child and the people around him.  Leading to confidence, followed in this way, the child grows and gains a positive self-awareness. Which usually has two aspects: a good sense of self (sense of self) and a sense of self-worth (self-worth). Self in a good way because I feel loved, satisfied and wanted by the parents and those around the child.

When a child cries to draw attention to other matters

In the case of young children, if the child enters the table hurts a little and cries, take care of the parents and divert the child’s attention to other matters. The child will stop crying faster. And parents shouldn’t brag about hitting the table. Blaming the table for hurting or crying the baby. Because it is a bad role model for children. It is teaching children to blame others. If a child is brought up like this, he will have bad behaviour.

In the case of older children, if they often hit the table or are often injured from the same events or places, the same things, parents should find out the reason and consult a doctor. Because the baby may have some abnormal brain function. or an eye problem

Build confidence in children that they will not be abandoned

During life from early childhood, from birth to 6 years, is the period when the midbrain develops by leaps and bounds. When the emotional part of the brain is developing in full swing, it is an important factor in building relationships between children and parents. And trust arises from the belief that parents should always help themselves, they will certainly not leave, and they will certainly take care of them. Good relationships make children feel loved. And parental needs You are valuable to others. You will definitely not be left behind. Have confidence

Enhance children’s social skills and safety skills

Socially appropriate boundaries between children and others (social boundaries) according to their social status and gender It is a story that parents must pass on in their daily lives. By engaging in various social activities with children in the old days, there were weddings, ordinations, funerals, haircuts, naga ordinations, and various traditional occasions.  It is a great opportunity for parents to take their children to these activities to learn about social skills.  and threats arising from other people in all aspects,

Whether it is related or other matters, for example, jewelry should not be worn because it does not make us beautiful or handsome. But it is the hub of criminals, crooks and thieves. Harmful rather than positive here children must learn. Do not teach by saying but know by yourself, parents, parents, the people around the baby should not wear it. But the parents dressed the whole body, and the children saw it and wanted to decorate it. Most parents can decorate it, but the price is a little lower. This is to bring danger to the child. Wear a necklace, amulet, offer Getting killed with this robbery is a matter of safety. Therefore, if parents are aware of the safety of their children. But the parents are not aware of this. It will bring danger to the child without knowing it.

Keep talking, giving advice, and being a good role model. Give warm love full of encouragement

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How to raise the self-esteem (self-esteem) of children To be encouraged to develop themselves Parents should pay attention to the story that the child tells or needs help. Not rejecting or rejecting the child: Bad mood and busyness will cause children to have problems with themselves. Bad behavior Parents should be spiritually dependent on their children. If the school invites parents to join the activity, they have to go. If not, but the child saw his friend’s parents present. Children will feel worthless. The child’s feeling that he is worthless The most important problem is emotionally, mentally, lack of love, lack of motivation for self-improvement. Because I feel like I can’t use it. Born worthless, bad, evil, wrong Parents don’t want nobody wants to go anywhere These children will have many behavioral problems.

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