This new exercise burns five times more calories than jogging

This new exercise burns five times more calories than jogging

This new exercise method will help you lose weight fast. Introducing Retro Run, a highly effective and intense training method.

Retrograde running helps you achieve a stronger, more balanced lower body while reducing the risk of back and leg injuries. This cardiovascular exercise targets more muscle groups and will help you burn more calories.

Benefits of running backwards

Tones your legs and muscles

Retrograde running strengthens and strengthens the lower body muscles. It also helps you develop the muscles corresponding to your usual running muscle group, including your shin, calf, and quad.

Strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles

Running backwards strengthens your abdominal muscles while your back becomes much stronger.

Improves your posture

When you run backwards, you keep your back naturally straight during the movement. While running forward, you are more likely to experience lower back pain caused by a slouched posture.

prevent injuries

Running backwards reduces stress on the knees and improves balance between opposing muscle groups. It also increases your performance while decreasing the risk of injury to the back and legs.

It’s good for your brain

Moving your muscles in opposite directions makes your brain think and react differently.

For beginners, it is recommended to start running backwards on a running track or circuit with lane lines to guide you. If you’re considering running outside, look for visible guidelines on the ground such as road surface markings.

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