Harvard psychologists confirm the following: 6 things that will help you raise children with a flexible and flexible brain

Harvard psychologists confirm the following: 6 things that will help you raise children with a flexible and flexible brain

A child’s brain is a brain under construction. It’s up to parents to create a healthy, physically and socially instructive world. Based on years and years of research in psychology and neuroscience, Harvard psychologists have created 6 rules that will help your child have a flexible and flexible brain.


1. Talk and read to your child

Even when babies are a few months old, their brains are still using words. If you read to your child from day one, your child will have a better foundation for learning later. They also develop better vocabulary. Teaching your child emotional words is especially beneficial for him. Talk more about the causes of feelings and how emotions affect people.

2. Explaining things

It can be really stressful to answer all of your child’s questions, but know that you are the one who needs to provide the answers. Avoid saying “because I said so,” when your child asks you why. It is best to spend time explaining everything to them well because children need to learn the consequences of their actions and learn empathy.

3. Be a gardener

Gardeners help plants grow by planting fertile land. It’s the same with children, parents sculpt their children and encourage healthy growth. When you understand the types of plant you’re planting, you’ll amend the soil so the plant can take root and thrive.

4. Expose your children safely to many people

Expose your child to as many different people as possible, especially children. Research shows that children who interact with people who speak another language can really help them learn other languages ​​in the future. Also, children who see diverse faces will remember a large variety of faces as they get older. This can also help you raise an anti-racist child.


5. Help your child imitate you

You may have noticed that some tasks that seem to work for you, your child sees as a game. Children learn by watching and interacting with adults. This is one of the most effective ways to get your child to learn something, simply by getting acclimated to you.

6. Anthem Agency

Children love to try new things on their own. This is really good and will help them develop a sense of agency. Even when the act is bad behavior, it is just your child’s attempt to make sense of the impact of the world. It can be really hard to know when to give your child a helping hand or to back off. The important thing is to always be present and guiding your child.


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