Important Things You Should Know About Commercial Landscaping

Important Things You Should Know About Commercial Landscaping

Well-designed landscaping gives your home an unusual look. The same applies to business. Taking good care of your landscaping will make your outdoor workspace more attractive and professional. However, unlike private landscapes, commercial areas need a lot of care and maintenance. It is not only about planting trees and plants, but also about establishing a message and purpose that this landscape will present to people.

Freshly mowed lawn provides a sense of relaxation and comfort, and for business, it will reflect how professional your business is. It can also make others interested in working with you. The way you take care of the business landscape is how you take care of your employees and work in general, which is why it is essential to maintain them well all the time. Here are some important things you should know about your trading landscape.

Consider your location

Before you begin preparing the soil and selecting plants and shrubs for your commercial landscape, you should consider your location. Not all soils and plants are compatible with every region. Some do well in hot weather while others grow best in cooler areas. If you don’t want to keep changing the soil every season and dealing with dead leaves all year round, you should choose the right soil for your site and the right plants based on the direction of the sun.


There are many types of commercial landscaping that you can choose from. Some of it depends on where and how much space you have, but it mainly depends on the type of maintenance service you can go to. Some types of plants, trees and shrubs require constant maintenance, while others need once or twice a year. Based on an article on Neave Commercial Landscapeing, it is best to hire the same landscaper to design and maintain your landscape. The person you choose to design and grow your landscape will know how to take care of it, and they will want to make sure it always looks fresh and clean.

garden mowing

Regular cropping is critical to your business image. A place with uneven grass usually gives the message that this business does not pay attention to detail. If you are not sure how often you will be able to maintain it, it is best to choose a landscape with lawn maintenance that does not require regular mowing. However, whatever type you choose, you need to make sure that the lawn is no more than two inches tall and that it is all the same height. To maintain its attractiveness, cut it only when it is more than two inches higher, as anything less than that will make the lawn look damaged and you will be able to see the soil.

Price vs Quality

When finding a landscape maintenance company, there are more factors to consider than price. First, you need to know that not all high-priced services offer the best quality. Prices vary from place to place, and just because a particular company has the highest price doesn’t mean it’s the best. Some companies have expertise in a particular aspect, such as landscape design, and others are experts in its maintenance. So before you go ahead and choose a company for your business landscape, be sure to check out their previous work, read reviews, and ask about their long-term deal. It is preferable to choose a company that provides all services so that you do not have to deal with more than one company for your landscaping.

Choose your plants wisely

As mentioned before, your landscaping communicates a message. Not only for potential business partners but also for your employees. When finding the right design and plants for your landscape, you need to keep in mind how they will look and feel. You need your business to feel safe for everyone. Safety is an essential aspect of any company to ensure the well-being of your customers, potential partners and employees. To convey the message of safety through your landscaping, you should avoid any tall trees and shrubs because they can block out lighting, which can be uncomfortable at night. They can also create a blind spot and increase the risk of theft.

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the complementary plants. After you have carefully chosen the plants you want in your landscaping, you should begin to think about plants that will make your business feel alive. Plant flowers and plants that are the same color as your logo, or paint your logo with plants in visible areas of your landscape. By doing this, you give the feeling that you are paying attention to every little detail and that your landscaping is part of your business.

Watch out for the sprinklers

The landscaper you will hire will restore life to dead areas and will plant trees and grass throughout your landscape. They will also be responsible for its maintenance and mowing the lawn when necessary. However, when it comes to keeping them alive, that’s on you. The sprinkler system you install will play a very important part of how your landscape will look. You will need to consult a professional to understand how and where to install the sprinklers to ensure that they cover the entire area. You will also know how often they will work and how much water they need each day because the lawn should always be wet to give that refreshing feeling to anyone who sees it.

Commercial landscapes are difficult to design and maintain when compared to landscapes. There are a lot of elements to take into consideration. You need to make sure that the design fits your type of business, the endless variety of plants to choose from, that regular maintenance is required, and many other details. While all of this can be resolved by hiring a landscaper, finding the right person may not be easy as you have to ensure that they will provide you with all the services you may need for your landscaping and will keep up with the maintenance.

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