5 Wedding Ideas for the Outdoorsy Bride


Weddings used to be pretty standard fare, but modern brides make the event their own. Weddings today reflect not just the taste and budget of the couple but also their values and interests. From destination weddings to meaningful locations to themed events, every bride is unique, and the wedding should show that.

The outdoorsy bride would rather be out on a hike than in a church. She prefers getting dirty to getting her hair done. Environmental issues are important to her. If you love the outdoors and want to highlight it in your wedding, consider these ideas:

1. Go Barefoot

If you’re an outdoorsy type and nature enthusiast, you probably prefer going barefoot to squeezing into uncomfortable heels. There’s no reason to conform to what many consider the standard for an elegant wedding. Do your own thing and go entirely shoeless. This will give your wedding a relaxed, natural, almost hippie vibe.

The ideal setting for a barefoot bridal party is the beach, but most outdoor settings will do. Just be sure your guests know that the venue is outdoors. Describe the conditions so they can choose to go barefoot or keep their shoes. This will also help them choose the appropriate shoes. No one wants to wear stilettos in the dirt.

2. Stay Eco-Friendly

If you truly love the environment, you’ll want to do more than just incorporate outdoorsy elements. Make your wedding as sustainable as possible if you strongly value nature and the outdoors. There are several ways to do this:

  • Use natural centerpieces with scavenged items from outside instead of flowers farmed out of season
  • Instead of cut flowers, use potted flowers that guests can take home and plant
  • Choose recycled or recyclable materials for invitations, place settings, menus, and gift packaging, or go entirely paperless and use digital versions instead
  • Instead of favors for your guests, donate to your favorite environmental charity or provide a seedling tree they can plant later
  • Work with local growers for the reception food
3. Incorporate Greenery

Green is the color of the outdoors, so put it front and center for a themed wedding. Flowers are the norm for most weddings, but they’re not always environmentally friendly. Choose more sustainable greenery with a few touches of colored flowers.

Carry the theme into other elements of your event. For instance, try sage green bridesmaid dresses for a soft, natural color. Highlight green on invitations and menus.

Make standout greens the focus of bouquets and centerpieces. Mix and match shades of green with unique textures: silvery-green lamb’s ear, feathery Queen Anne’s lace, sage-green eucalyptus, and fragrant rosemary.

4. Work with the Seasons

Seasonal weddings give you a chance to embrace the outdoors as it is. It’s also a great way to be more sustainable with decoration and food choices. Buy food and plants in season and from local vendors to reduce your carbon print.

Even if you choose to get married in the winter, you can embrace the season with outdoorsy elements. Decorate with red berries and evergreen boughs. Light bonfires outside the venue where guests can gather for fresh air and make s’mores. Serve hot drinks, like mulled wine and spiced cider. Gift your bridal party with pretty throws or wraps to stay warm on a winter night.

5. Plan Activities Leading up to the Wedding

Most weddings extend well before and even after the event itself. This is especially true if you expect guests arriving from out of town. It’s considerate to plan activities so that your traveling guests have something to do.

To be consistent with an outdoors theme, plan outside events and activities. A picnic for the rehearsal dinner, for instance, is a great way to spend more time outdoors with loved ones. Plan a hike the morning of the wedding to give everyone a chance to see your local area and let off some steam before the big party.

Plan a volunteer event for wedding guests who have the same dedication to environmental causes as you do. Sign up a group of guests to spend a few hours working at a local park, for instance. Many locations accept groups for a one-day volunteer session to pull invasive plants or clean up outdoor spaces.

Make Your Wedding Meaningful

Weddings today are so much more than just a party. Your wedding should celebrate your relationship and commitment but also what you share and value together. Bring your guests in on the fun and host an event with special meaning for you and your partner.

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