The Latest Grand Seiko – Releases for 2021 


Grand Seiko has been a crowd favorite since its release. Not just because it’s affordable but the precision it handles, despite not being Swiss-made, is the absolute reason for you to have one. Launched in 1988, Grand Seiko proved its accuracy because of its quartz mechanism that surpassed all other brands using quartz.

This year, Grand Seiko released its new models and we all have something to look forward to. The new designs and innovations compete well with the standards that high-end watch brands have set in the industry. We gathered the latest models made by Grand Seiko for you. Check them out below!

1. Heritage Collection Seiko Limited Edition SLGH007

Grand Seiko quartz is known for its high accuracy ever since its debut in the watch industry. However, this year’s release features automatic or mechanical watches. One of them is this limited edition watch. According to Seiko CEO Shinji Hattori, it was inspired by his great-grandfather Kintaro, who founded the firm in 1881 and left a lasting legacy behind. 

The dial has a unique design based on a tree trunk. In the trunk of a tree, there are growth lines that represent its age. The lines on the dial commemorate the 140 years since Seiko’s establishment, and they serve as the dial’s symbolism. The Caliber 9SA5 movement, which is found in this watch, features the high-beat movement.

The way the light reflects off the dial’s multi-dimensional texture gives it an almost tactile feel. The complexity of the wood grain is revealed in the dial’s depth, which varies minutely but noticeably.

The Series 9 Design

This high-beat model has Grand Seiko’s powerful and distinctive Series 9 overall design as part of its future hallmark.  The hands are larger and have a pattern that matches the groove of the hour marker indices. 

The indices and hands are polished to a zaratsu high sheen to catch the light from different angles. Its lug-to-lug width has also been expanded to allow for a wider leather strap. Platinum 950 is used to create this one-of-a-kind piece. 

2. Heritage Collection “White Birch” SBGH005

This particular model is powered by the high-beat movement 36000 caliber featuring Caliber 9SA5 that provides an 80-hour power reserve. The dial’s stunning, intricate white details are inspired by the beautiful white birch trees that are found in Japan.

Other features are the transparent screw case back and sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. Its bracelet is stainless steel with a three-fold clasp that’s released through a push-button. In addition, it has a 10 bar or 100-meter water resistance.

9SA5 Hi-Beat 36000 caliber

Double barrels for increased power reserve, direct dual impulse escapement, and the new free-sprung inertial balance are all part of this new movement’s design updates from previous Grand Seiko mechanical movements. Bringing Japanese-made movements up to par with Swiss-made ones is critical, and this update does just that.

Elegance Collection GMT

Elegant Collection GMT represents the four phases out of 24 phases (sekki) that Japan has. This series clearly follows nature’s design as it welcomes the next phase before each season. The Spring and Summer inspired watches offer the High-Beat movements while Autumn and Winter use the Spring Drive movement. 

To make the dials stand out, they’ve used different textures for the different parts of the dial. They have all been polished with zaratsu, which has 0% distortion, and use sapphire case backs on the timepieces.


  • SBGJ251 (Shunbun). The cherry blossoms in the highlands begin to bloom as the spring equinox arrives at the town of Shunbun. It’s the perfect timepiece to welcome spring with its vibrant green dial and rose gold details.


  • SBGE271 (Kanro). The watch’s abstract black design represents the clouds that create texture on the moon. Thus, Autumn has arrived. Using a glide action, the seconds hand travels across the dial softly, like the moon in the night sky.  
  • SBGJ249 (Shōsho).  The mild wind in Shōsho causes exquisite ripples in the country’s lakes and ponds as the summer approaches. This model features a blue water background with ripples creating a wave pattern on the dial.


  • SBGE269 (Tōji). The snow muffles the sound of the wind as the sun goes lower up above the sky. Winter has officially arrived at Tōji. The dial of this model takes on the appearance of a winter scene.
3. Spring Drive Chronograph GMT SBGC240


Using the Spring Drive chronograph Caliber 9R86 as the backbone, this strong watch incorporates new materials and a fresh appearance while maintaining a high level of functionality. The dodecahedron shape, zirconia ceramic outer layer, and 18k gold foundation immediately draw attention to the bezel. 

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph GMT is not a brand-new timepiece; it has been available in the company’s catalog for quite some time.  Zirconia ceramic and the 18K gold base play an important role in this release’s originality. As a result, it is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely long-lasting.

The case creates a strong visual effect with Zaratsu polishing that is capable of achieving distortion-free precision on the top and sides of the object. Its dial has a lot of detail, but it’s still easy to read, and the watch’s gold hands and hour markers stand out against the pure black dial. Because they line up exactly with the apex of the twelve-edged bezel, it’s easy to tell the time of day and elapsed time with just a glance. 

The chronograph’s 18K yellow gold buttons are also streamlined to look well under a shirt cuff as they do on the sports field. On the other hand, the bracelet’s clasp is adorned with 18k gold Grand Seiko initials, and the watch’s presentation case has a crocodile strap with gold color stitching.

Final Thoughts

Grand Seiko proved that not only Swiss-made wristwatches give extremely gorgeous features and precision. With the all new collection of mechanical watches, you will surely love the upgraded features and movements.

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