Humble yet satisfying recipes to feed your family

Humble yet satisfying recipes to feed your family


Cooking dinner for your home can be a great way to experience new adventures and have a good time connecting over a communal meal. While trying all kinds of new recipes with a wide variety of flavors can be exciting and fun, there is also an advantage to finding a sense of balance with the recipes you try. Whether you’re cooking for toddlers or teens or you’re having a few guests and are looking to branch out into new – yet comforting – foods, there are plenty of options to try. Who do you know? You may be adding some completely new food items to your recipe book soon!

Of course, everyone has different tastes and every family has its staple food when it comes to meal times. However, there are many ways you can prepare meals that are fun, satisfying, and new for your family that involve familiar comfort. If you’re into regular recipes, find this list of satisfying recipes that you can feed your family. From basic, healthy foods to staple comfort foods, there’s no shortage of fresh, ready-to-eat ideas. Here are some humble yet satisfying recipes to feed your family.

  1. Classic Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese are arguably a comfort staple that everyone loves. If you’re not normally into the game of making homemade mac n cheese, this might be the perfect opportunity to try your hand at it. While you can keep it classic, you can also add details like fresh greens or diced bacon for a little extra flavor.

  1. Indian Dal

Dal is definitely a satisfying yet simple staple of Indian cuisine. With its base of lentils, usually served with rice, this Indian dish is full of flavor, delicious and definitely underrated in terms of popular Indian food options. It’s also affordable and easy to make, as well as being highly customizable.

  1. Shawanmoshi – Japanese egg custard

Speaking of new dishes from different cultures, Japanese egg custard with ginger sauce is a great choice for families looking to try something new inside the kitchen they already love. With the rich flavor of shiitake mushrooms and a kick of ginger, this recipe is full of flavor and fun.

  1. Pomodoro pasta

Pasta with Sauce – There’s nothing crazy about it, but there’s definitely a chance that you’ve taken it for granted as a simple and understated recipe. If you’ve never tried making your own pomodoro sauce, I can really make a big difference to your pasta dinner. Try using fresh tomatoes and playing with the spice scale.

  1. Chicken Biryani

Tired of the basic roast chicken? This chicken biryani recipe is sure to cure the chicken boredom that often comes into play when you rely on lean proteins so much. It’s simple, yet so delicious and satisfying, which is probably exactly what you’re looking for in a new recipe. You can serve it with rice and fresh vegetables – a perfectly balanced meal.

  1. Cooked green salad

Sometimes, it’s totally normal to crave the pure freshness of a green salad. Although eating salad as a main dish may not be considered common, salads can be surprisingly filling. Especially in the warmer months, fresh greens can really hit the spot. This green salad recipe is basic, yet highly customizable. Add some of your favorite seasonal vegetables and serve alongside your cereal of choice!

  1. vegan lasagna

Tired of heavy basic lasagna? Why not venture into the vegan side of things? Vegetarian lasagna is a great vegetarian staple that can be enjoyed by those who are vegetarians as well as those who are not. Still filling and satisfying, the veggies add a fresh sense of flavor and freshness to the comfort of a classic lasagna.

  1. lemon chicken

Looking for another recipe that might be able to treat chicken depression? This lemon chicken is a great choice for that! This recipe can be especially satisfying in the summer, but there are really no restrictions on this refreshing and satisfying meal. Serve with a fresh green salad or on top of your favorite cereal!

  1. Tacos with vegetables and black beans

Tacos are a great option for large groups because they offer a do-it-yourself style, while still maintaining that community spirit. These vegan black bean tacos are a great example of a classic, yet adventurous meal, especially if you don’t eat much Mexican food. This can be a great choice for a night out when your family enjoys the guests.

  1. pea soup

Especially when the winter months begin to roll in, soups and stews can be particularly satisfying and comforting. Pea soup is the perfect blend of fresh healthy satisfaction and warm comfort that people often look for in soup.

Humble and satisfying recipes

There are many ways to cook great and satisfying dinners for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for new recipes all around or you’re simply looking to try something new one night of the week, these recipes can be the building blocks for balanced and satisfying meals. Which of the following recipes are you excited to try first?

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