The new PerCheck app aims to revolutionize the world of dating apps with honesty and transparency

The new PerCheck app aims to revolutionize the world of dating apps with honesty and transparency


Can you really trust dating apps? If you’ve been burned before, how can you be sure that your next dating experience will be with a real person who has provided his or her information honestly? The people at  think they have solved these and other little problems that come with using other dating apps.

Most people who have tried dating apps or online dating understand that choosing a date from a profile or choosing a date for you is as reliable as the information received by the service. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been deceived by the dishonesty that other dating sites and apps allow.

It’s the same disappointment and frustration that led to the creation of PerCheck. More than just a dating app, PerCheck allows people to create profiles for job search and employment as well. What is different about PerCheck compared to the others? They’ve developed their app around honesty and created legitimate ways to prevent the mistrust and disappointment that other dating apps offer, says Leo Paranes, CEO.


Get to know the red flags

“I don’t think there is a single person on earth who trusted someone at first but was then not disappointed with that person’s misleading first impression. I wanted to devise a way to be able to express genuine and transparent reactions and feelings towards someone without any fears or future repercussions and let others know of any red flags you may have encountered,” says Barnes.

PerCheck gives users a way to recognize those red flags before any interaction occurs. For example, all PerCheck users generate a personalized score as they interact with others on the app. If a PerCheck user has many interactions and a high score, you can be reasonably sure that this person is genuine and holds themselves accountable. This personal score is generated only from mutually agreed interactions and reactions from both sides. Even better, your feedback is completely anonymous so you can be upfront and honest about your experiences.

Virtual loops and digital handshake features

As an additional measure of security, the PerCheck app has a “Virtual Rings” feature.

This feature shows that both parties have mutually agreed to an “in a relationship” state in PerCheck. “It’s a simple concept to understand,” says Baranis. “If anyone wants to make sure their significant other is truly committed, they should choose to check out the virtual episodes option.” Nobody likes to be deceived or lied to, nor should we do that to others. Virtual Rings openly displays a person’s relationship status, so there are no surprises.

The digital handshake is another feature exclusive to PerCheck. Paranes explains that a digital handshake has the same meaning as a handshake in person – it symbolizes an agreement built on honesty and transparency. This PerCheck feature allows people to enter into a dating relationship with mutually agreed details to ensure a positive interaction.

A whole new world of dating apps

But you might be thinking, “How can PerCheck really know that people are honest?”

Paranes explains the anonymous voting system and personal score help in the field. “When you use the app, you know you are responsible for your actions; otherwise, your profile and score are affected, and red flags are raised quickly,” says Paranes. Baranis also says that PerCheck has a good reputation for attracting people who are looking for an honest way to date.

PerCheck’s new approach could change the dating landscape for dating app users. While most romantic connections made online end in disappointment and end as quickly as they began, PerCheck is looking to fix this frustrating aspect by showing who its users really are like people. The PerCheck experience takes users into a whole new world beyond the profile picture. And it is this unique approach that can significantly increase their chances of meeting a compatible dating partner.

last thoughts

Baranis adds that as a company, they hold themselves accountable and follow the same code of ethics that they expect from their users. He says no one at PerCheck will “snoop” on you or market your information. “As the CEO of the company, I promise that PerCheck will be what we expect from our users as the bottom line. Conscious, fair and respectful.” With this straightforward approach, Baranes and his crew at PerCheck are revolutionizing how dating apps work and making honesty a key component of online dating – the way it’s meant to be.

Baranis adds that they are already working on new and fun ways to improve their app with dating games and the “Blind Dating” feature.

The best part – this app is free and available to anyone who can abide by the rules of honesty and transparency that this dating experience requires.


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