People Share Their Best Secret Cooking Tips And Tricks That You Can’t Find In Any Cookbook


People have started sharing their incredible cooking advices online and it’s something you need to read if you want to become a master chef! Their tips and tricks are so exclusive that you can’t find them in any cookbook or online, so we’re sharing all the great cooking secrets with you!

1. Add some seltzer or some other carbonated beverage in your waffle batter to get the most fluffiest waffles ever!

2. Soaking your onions in lime juice for a couple of minutes before adding them into salsa, will help you get rid of the raw funky taste!

3. If you’re in a hurry and need to thicken your sauce quickly, make a roux in a mug in the microwave. It will only take a minute to become golden.

4. Cook the mushrooms in a dry pan first, to get some of the moisture out. Then add some oil or butter, to cook the perfect mushrooms.

5. When you’re baking, freeze the butter and then grate it. It’s the best way to get small pieces of cold butter.

6. If you’re making pie crust, use frozen flour.

7. If you’re making cookies or biscuits, or anything that requires a flaky dough, freeze your mixing bowl and pastry cutter. It will keep the dough cooler and you’ll have incredible baking results.

8. Pickle your red onions in just 30 minutes in the microwave. Mix some vinegar, water, salt and sugar and place and warm it up in the microwave. Add the onions, some spices and in just 30 minutes, enjoy the best pickled onions.

9. Use a garlic press for chopping herbs, peppercorns, cumin seeds etc.

10. If you want your soup to have a deeper flavor, just add some soy sauce or fish sauce.

11. To make fluffier pancakes, gently fold the whipped egg whites into the pancake batter with a whisk.

12. Mix garlic and olive oil and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Anytime you’re cooking something that requires garlic, just add one cube and you’re done.

13. Clean your pots and pants while they’re still hot. This will help you clean the pots much easier and you’ll also prevent scrubbing damages.

14. When you’re baking something that includes chocolate, substitute some of the liquid with some freshly brewed, cooled coffee. This will make your desert taste incredible.

15. Try making your French toast with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, instead of milk. You’ll be amazed by the taste!

16. Add a bit of mayo to your eggs before scrambling them. It will make them lighter and fluffier.

What is your favorite cooking tip or trick?

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