8 apps to help you type faster

8 apps to help you type faster

In times when speed and accuracy are most valued, using technology to the fullest is a must. Especially when you are a writer, and thousands of readers are waiting for your weekly post on your blog. The same goes for college life. When you’re a student, grades are on the line. Hence, you need powerful apps to organize your time, speed up the writing process and maintain focus.

Our experts have created a list of the most useful apps to help you type faster. Keep calm and choose your favourite!

Number 1: Grammar

Why is grammar checker and plagiarism at the top of the list? Because apart from the amazing ads on YouTube, Grammarly makes your writing flawless. Sure, you can call the professional PaperWriter to edit your college essay, but it’s time to upgrade your grammar.

Why choose Grammarly?

  • It’s free. The good news is that the basic version has a large number of functions. However, there is no need to purchase the Premium app version;
  • The design is easy to use.
  • Helps you set and pursue writing goals;
  • Explains why the underlined word or phrase needs corrections;
  • It has 4 English language versions: American, Australian, Canadian, and British.

No. 2: Melanotte

This app is a visual board that is best used as an organizational tool. Visualize the study material in the form of notes and diagrams. The app will help you to organize the knowledge you got from the class before. No more mess in documents and notebooks. With Milanote, you can create virtual menus and stick them to the board. Later, use the arrows to show the relationships between the components.

The app is especially popular among aspiring book authors or creative writers.

With this app, you can download images directly from the web or from your laptop storage.

No. 3: Diaro

This app acts as a virtual notepad and a place to write a quick note. Although Diaro is a place of intimate thoughts and memories of an individual, one can use the app to study as well. We all need laptops, right?

You can set a goal to think about your project in the morning. Get up, open Diaro, and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Re-read your journal later and add corrections.

Why choose Diaro?

  • She has a password.
  • The application is easy to use.
  • Great for writing down your thoughts quickly.

No. 4: Scrivener

This super powerful app is a godsend for writers. One can drag and drop the writing process directly into the application. This means that there is no need to create separate Word documents that one cannot find in the default archives. Even better, Scrivener has pre-configured templates to choose from. They simplify your work and put that inspiration in your head. No more excuses for your laziness and procrastination!

Why choose Scrivener?

  • The minimum application fee is $45. You pay once and use Scrivener whenever you want for the rest of your life;
  • It divides your project into sections and allows you to work on each part individually. The whole working process is more smooth and efficient;
  • You can keep downloaded notes, links and photos directly in the program;
  • Scrivener stores each copy of the text;
  • Emails and notifications are no longer a distraction because the app blocks them like a magic shield.

No. 5: Hemingway

There are some music in apps named after book authors or artists. The app (named after a literary genius) makes your writing look good. It focuses on the length and so forth of your sentences. With Hemingway, you get to analyze the readability of your text in a few seconds.

image source

The application contains a grading system. If your score is 8 and below, your readability is great. Texts with grade 10 and above require additional knowledge from the audience. The app also states that the reading of Ernest Hemenway’s text was in the sixth degree.

The app is useful for bloggers who need to make their script syntax as simple as possible.

No. 6: Monday

Excel’s big brother, the two have a visually appealing design to turn your writing into a fun process. The app suggests using spreadsheets to define your goals and plans. Often used for productivity and time management, Monday will add control to your college writing.

Why download the app?

  • It has a calendar so you can set deadlines for each task;
  • User can choose templates for tables to save time;
  • The two integrate with other applications such as Gmail;
  • The application contains a time tracker. From now on, you will always know how much time it takes to write an introduction to a research paper.
  • It has a “weekly” to-do list, so you’ll never forget your most important tasks.

No. 7: Mindmeister

Any project begins with brainstorming. When you’re looking for an article topic, you brainstorm, right? The same thing happens with any project in your college life.

During brainstorming, Mindmeister suggests that you store your ideas in the form of pictures and presentations. You can later send it to your friends or professors to approve the topic.

Why choose Mindmeister?

  • The app contains templates for many projects. Some of them outline articles and project plans;
  • You can save your photos in different formats and print them later;
  • Integrates with other applications such as Dropbox and Gmail;
  • Mindmeister has an Android app version. This means that you can use the app directly on your phone.

#8: 750 words

If you lack self-discipline and commitment to improving your academic writing on a daily basis, check out this app. The deal is simple – you write 750 words every day. You get points at the end of every mission you have committed to. Especially when your writing meets deadlines. Over time, you will see that your motivation is better, and your dedication to writing is an object of envy.

last thoughts

Technology improves grammar and grammar, making you a skilled writer. Why download apps for writing? As a student, you are constantly short of time for exams and other college projects. Apps like Grammarly save you time and take your text to a new level.

We hope the article was useful. Good luck and God bless you!

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