Advantages of laser hair removal

Advantages of laser hair removal

Hair is a very personal choice, whether it’s on your face or body. Sometimes health issues like PCOS or hirsutism can cause excessive hair growth and lower self-confidence. We try everything to keep the hair out. Shaving helps in a hurry, but hair grows back overnight, creams work but the smell of the process is enough to keep people away from the whole process.

Waxing has a long lasting effect but is painful and can leave angry red bumps on the skin. Electrolysis provides long-lasting effects, but it is a long-term and painful process to boot. What is left for most of us is laser hair removal  .

Laser hair removal is effective because it reaches hair that is in an active growth phase. The beam, consisting of tightly controlled energy impulses, heats the hair, goes down to their root and destroys the hair.

All this without causing any harm to the skin or tissues. Since the hair is still in the growth phase, 6 to 8 sessions are required to completely kill the hair. Once this happens, the skin appears smooth and toned. Most often, after 9 sessions, a permanent hair loss occurs. May vary by hair and skin.

One or two maintenance sessions will help preserve the skin. There are advantages to this technique:

1. Permanent hair removal

While all other hair removal techniques differ in the time it takes for hair to grow back, hair does grow back. With laser technology, the chance of hair regrowth is very small, giving you permanent results.

2. Almost pain-free

Each hair removal experience is painful in its own way. Some hurt, like waxing, and some smell like hair removal creams. Laser treatment is not completely pain free, we won’t lie, but it is uncomfortable, and not very painful. After a session or two, you may get used to the whole experience!

3. High technology

The technology used in laser removal is medical grade and the machines used are FDA approved with the latest technology. Treatment is carried out by certified, insured and licensed practitioners. All this makes the process safe, hygienic and reasonable.

4. Patch test

You do not have to go for a full laser removal session. A patch test is done, in which part of your skin is exposed to laser light to see how the treatment is working. If there are no negative results, then you can consider going into the entire course of treatment.

5. Personal therapy

The laser hair removal machine can also be adjusted according to your own needs, making it a more efficient operation.

If you are considering laser hair removal, be sure to go to a registered facility with well-trained technicians. You also need to make sure you’re around for the long haul – you’ll need to make time for your appointments and spend some money to get the effects right. It’s well worth it, because it means smooth skin for a really long time.

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