Best tips on what to do in Prague

Best tips on what to do in Prague

Planning a trip to Prague and not sure where to go? If this is you, this is the perfect resource to get started.

Planning a trip, especially if you’re traveling abroad, can be a bit stressful. Don’t worry, this trip can be fun and exciting! Let’s read.

What are some tips to consider when planning my trip?

You have chosen a destination for your trip, so what now? There are a million other things to think about and plan for, so use the following list to get some guidance to get you started:

  • income
  • Air ticket and passport
  • housing
  • Food and drinks
  • attractions
  • Luggage storage

budget making

Budgeting is one of the most important parts of your trip, although it’s not always fun to plan for. Without knowing your money ahead of time, you may reduce costs and end up running out of money. However, with the right budget, you’ll reduce financial stress by knowing your allowance for food and beverage, lodging, airfare, attractions, and luggage storage.

Air ticket and passport

Don’t forget the importance of planning ahead for your airline ticket and passport! Get your passport as soon as possible to make sure it arrives on time.

In addition, finding a good price for your flight ticket can be difficult, but with patience you should be able to find a ticket that fits your budget! The price will vary depending on the location you’re flying to, the airport you’re departing from, the time of year and many other factors.

Keep watching for flights and jump to buy a ticket when the price is right! Remember to give yourself a big enough budget for your ticket, as this is one of the most expensive parts of travel.


Choosing your accommodation is now easier than ever, with endless hotels, Airbnbs, and hostels available. You can choose to pre-book your accommodation, or you can do it at the last minute if you’re not sure where you’ll be each night.

Food and drinks

One of the best aspects of traveling is trying all the new foods and drinks in whatever area you visit. While in Prague, consider trying as many new and local places as possible! Make sure to give yourself a big enough budget for meals, snacks, coffee and alcoholic beverages, as you will likely be very hungry and thirsty from walking and sightseeing!


While each of the above is important, planning the attractions might be the most fun part. Consider your interests and hobbies to help decide which attractions are at the top of your list. Let’s consider two of the following sites:

Florence, Czech Republic

This city is famous for its monuments, arts, and culture and contains a variety of art galleries and museums. If you are interested in art, this site is a good option to visit. You can even plan a fancy dinner to end your day if you are traveling with someone important.

Prague main railway station

Whether you are fascinated by trains or not, this historic site is a great place to visit on your trip. It was opened in 1871 and is the largest railway station in Prague, Czech Republic. Consider taking a ride on this rail system to get to your next destination!

Luggage storage

Have you ever thought about storing luggage when traveling? Luggage storage in Prague is now easier than ever with endless storage locations to choose from. Storing your luggage reduces the number of bags you have to carry, reduces the chances of something being lost or stolen, and allows you to enjoy your trip without luggage!

Consider some of the following locations with luggage storage nearby:

  • Prague Airport
  • Florenc . bus station
  • Baraha Halfani Nadrazi
  • Florink
  • Prague main railway station

Take Away for your trip to Prague

When it comes to travel, this sounds different for each person. Your interests may differ from someone else’s, and for this reason, your destinations and goals will differ.

Regardless, planning these six areas will reduce stress during your trip, allow you to create a plan that works for you, and ensure a more relaxing vacation. Time to start planning your next adventure!

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