5 pants to keep you warm this winter

5 pants to keep you warm this winter

When the temperatures start dropping, it’s time to give your wardrobe a seasonal update for winter. Wearing warm, comfortable clothing is a must when dressing for cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of fashion and style.

Great winter clothes should start from the bottom up, which means pants take center stage. When it’s too hard to wear leggings under jeans and too cold for our trusty dresses, only a quality pair of pants will do the trick.

Choosing the right pair of winter pants is all about versatility. You want a pair that takes you effortlessly from drinks with friends at a stuffy and frenetic club to wet and frigid commutes.

After months of Zoom shirts and comfy track pants, this winter people are returning to work from the office, creating a kind of pants crunch. What style of pants to buy? What goes with what? And which one is really worth it?

From work-ready fleece pants to versatile leggings you can wear everywhere and camouflage pants sure to help you blend in with style, we’ve found five styles of pants ready to keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

1- Ready-to-work wool pants

When you start feeling cold outside, take it as a cue from you to give your work pants an update for the winter season. To that end, consider replacing your warm, khaki crêpe pants, dresses, and shorts with fleece pants in cold weather.

Loose, wide-legged woolen pants are the secret to comfortable and stylish office wear this winter. It’s incredibly soft, smooth to the touch, lightweight, and offers just a bit of give, making for a great wearing experience.

The selection is endless, as these ready-to-work pants come with speckled, zigzag bones, pleats, and even flannel fleece. The whole day will be enlarged, and you will hardly notice that you have not changed your work clothes. You can get them in rainbow colors too.

This slightly loose-fitting wide leg fleece pant is a versatile style that pairs easily with your favorite jackets, shirts, and work boots during the workday. Plus, you can rock the pants back out of the office.

For example, wear a pair of beige wide leg woolen pants with a black pea coat for a strikingly stylish and modern office look. A pair of black suede ankle boots adds a chic aesthetic to your start-up.

On the weekends, swap your pea coat for a black fleece biker jacket, creating an off-duty look that looks as elegant as it is comfortable. You can also swap out your ankle boots for black suede pumps if it isn’t frosty.

It can be easy to compromise style during the colder months when everyone is looking for practical clothes. However, the wool wide leg pants are an irrefutable testament that you can look stylish and still stay warm during the winter months.

2- cashmere pants

Now that the snow has piled up and you’re struggling during cold commutes, your long trackwear and loungewear just won’t cut it to keep you warm.

Enter the cashmere leggings, the luxurious way to stay comfortable and warm while still being chic and stylish this winter. Although they can be pricey, you can’t beat the feeling that comes with slipping leggings on your frozen legs.

A solid pair of cashmere pants should be made with ethically sourced fabric and a touch of spandex to stretch a little and give. This will warm your heart and conscience while helping you to stay comfortable and cozy whether you’re rushing out for groceries, hanging out at home, or out and about.

If you don’t mind showing off your winter wardrobe, these pants are perfect for pairing with other cashmere clothing pieces and accessories. Think cashmere socks, cashmere scarves, cashmere coats, cashmere hats, or beanies. For example, wear a cashmere sweater with a pair of cashmere leggings for a matching ensemble.

3- Camo pants

Plaids, gingham, and fruity pastels are fun during the summer and fall, but in the winter, there’s camouflage. The combat-inspired print is evergreen and works like magic with the rest of your winter wardrobe. This means you can wear camouflage pants from the first snowfall of winter to early spring and beyond.

Correctly and creatively designed, camouflage pants can be strikingly stylish, elegant and even office-ready, in addition, they can be worn both bottom and top. You can wear them with a belt on or off – either way, the pants will look great and feel great.

If you wear leggings and track pants while working from home, the transition to camouflage pants is seamless. It’s a more playful, slightly chic, and chic version of loungewear.

The real fun begins when it comes to designing camouflage pants for the cold season. Consider pairing camouflage pants with a turtleneck and tucking them into a pair of knee-high boots for a conversation-starter holiday look.

Instead, wear the pants with an olive green jacket and an oversized cardigan for a chilly weekend, says Sanctuary. A pair of snow uggs, black sunglasses and fleece socks are the perfect addition to give your ensemble an elegant and warm ambiance.

4- black jean pants

Let’s actually admit it – jeans are one of those clothing styles that will stay in fashion forever. Unless your office enforces a strict dress code, you can wear jeans to a Christmas party or just wear a pair of outfits to work. The trick is to wear jeans in black, as the classic color will make your pants look more professional and elegant.

Choose skinny jeans or straight jeans. Wearing baggy jeans to work is a no-go, as it will make you look unprofessional and awkward, if not clown. Fortunately, you can wear any casual outfit with jeans, including a business casual look.

If you are a jeans lover, designing it is very easy. Pair your black jeans with knee-high boots, a chic blouse, and a work-appropriate jacket for an extra touch of flair.

Pair your black jeans with a gray shearling jacket for a casual, easy-to-wear outfit. You will be amazed at how fast and easy this costume can be put together. Give this combination a gray suede tote bag, a pair of black velvet knee-high boots, and a black turtleneck – and you’re all set to look gorgeous.

5- short pants

Corduroy pants are another style that seems to stay true forever, and it’s no surprise that it’s hot and trendy this winter. When cotton pants were in vogue (as they are now), they’re great for cold weather.

The corduroy fabric is highly valued due to its ability to hide snow and water spots, not to mention that the pants can be extremely warm and super soft. Moreover, you can play with color without overdoing it when designing corduroy.

For example, you can get away with pairing a pair of burgundy corduroy with an oversized red cardigan or jacket. The combo works on many levels and suits any casual occasion. Finish the look by offering black velvet sneakers to instantly increase the sparkle factor of the outfit.

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