5 tips for buying diamonds online

5 tips for buying diamonds online

No matter if you are looking to buy diamonds online for a custom designed engagement ring or for investment purposes, there are some surefire ways you can make sure that your remote product meets all your personal requirements. Let’s take a look at these.


Manage your expectations

First of all, you’ve probably heard stories about the great deals you can get by buying diamonds online, not from a high street jeweler, and although the overhead is lower for online retailers, they do have to factor in the postage. And the insurance costs with which they make sure you get your goods or compensate you in case something goes awry.

Get to know the four cc

Do your research on the importance of the four elements (clarity, color, cut, and carat) and make sure you know which is more important when it comes to making a compromise in order to get a good price. For example, choosing a lower color won’t make much of a difference in the luster and luster of your diamond, while compromising clarity and cut might mean you’ll end up with an inferior stone that doesn’t have the rainbow fire and sparkle they were hoping for.

Shop around

The beauty of online shopping is that you can check out hundreds of similar products in a relatively short time! Compared to personal shopping, when visiting five or more buildings can be stressful, you can browse through several other offers to select the perfect one from the hundreds of options on offer. However, having too many choices can be overwhelming, so maybe reduce the number of potential retailers to five to eight, and then start the serious work of comparing stones.

Check Comments

You can easily make these choices by checking ratings of online traders, removing any recent negative reviews, those adding deceptive fees etc.: Disgruntled customers will not back down from describing poor service. Choosing a handful of these suppliers with five-star ratings on verified independent review sites will give you a good selection of options without stressing you out, and the peace of mind that you are buying from a reliable and reputable company.

Certificate all the way

Finally, always check the certification of the stone or stones you are purchasing. GIA and AGS ( the Gemological Institute of America and the Gemological Society of America respectively) are the two main official bodies responsible for certifying the origins and ratings of all diamonds over half a carat sold in the USA. They do not handle refined or lab-grown stones, so you can be sure that a stone certified by one of the two previous institutions is a natural stone that meets the exacting standards detailed in the certification. Any diamond offered for sale in the United States must come with a certificate and any diamond not offered for sale must be treated with extreme caution.

And now you are armed with everything you need to know to make confident choices when it comes to buying diamonds, and join the millions of happy customers who indulge their love for beautiful gemstones every year.

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