The best exercises you can do during your period

The best exercises you can do during your period

Did you know that exercising during your period can actually relieve the most common menstrual problems? Well, here are the best inotropic exercises that can soothe your pain.

the heart

Vigorous cardio exercise such as running can raise your endorphin level and help you get through the painful period you may be feeling. Endorphins can also help reduce cramps and headaches. Cardio is useful for increasing blood flow throughout the body and keeping it away from where you feel discomfort or pain. If you feel like you’re not ready to run, just walk.


Even dancing isn’t an exercise, but it will raise your heart rate and help you burn some calories.

You can take Zumba lessons or you can dance at home, dancing increases the flexibility of your joints and can combat the stiffness of that period.

strength training

During very low estrogen levels. That’s why it’s important to start with strength training exercises. Just remember not to lift very heavy weights, as they can put pressure on your torso and may worsen cramps.


Stretching helps lengthen muscles and reduce pain and cramps. Bring your knees to your chest (standing or lying down) to relieve back pain from menstruation. Take deep belly breaths and wait for 20 to 30 seconds.


Swimming in the pool can help relieve cramps and get you moving. Swimming increases circulation and blood flow to the body, which reduces pain during menstruation. Remember, if you have severe cramps, you should not swim. You can try deep breathing exercises at home.

Deep breathing relaxes the whole body, including the muscles of the uterus, which contract with menstruation to expel blood.


Many yoga poses stretch the lower back and the muscles around the pelvis that spasm during flow. Practice yoga regularly for 35 to 40 minutes a day, six times a week to reduce anxiety, anger, and depression. Yoga can increase your overall health during your period.

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