7 Tips for Hosting an Easter Baby Shower

7 Tips for Hosting an Easter Baby Shower

With your due date approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your baby shower to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy. Traditionally, a close family member plans the party, but today, the expectant mother’s best friend may take charge of the event or collaborate with other family members  to make the planning and execution stages quicker and easier  .

Typically, baby showers take place anywhere between four to six weeks before the mother’s due date, and if your baby’s expected arrival is on Easter, you might want to consider throwing an entire Easter-oriented event to make the day memorable with a special theme.

Send invitations early

Since many people travel to visit family over the Easter holidays, it’s a good idea to send out invitations early, allowing potential guests plenty of time to make their vacation plans around the event. Designing baby shower invitations is another chance you have to emphasize the spring and Easter theme.

Choose elegant, sturdy paper to print your invitations and decorate them with bunnies, colorful Easter eggs, or other sweet symbols of the holiday. Some of the Easter baby shower invitation ideas include pictures of Peter Rabbit, pretty spring flowers, the rainbow of the famous Easter Peeps, and a bunch of adorable chicks hatching from their eggs.

Host a brunch party

One of the most common ways to celebrate Easter is by having a brunch party. Recreate this cherished tradition at your baby shower by planning to host the party early in the day and including brunch staples like pancakes with a variety of toppings, a bread bar, eggs and bacon, hash browns and non-alcoholic mimosa.

Typically, no alcohol is served at the baby shower because the event is meant to celebrate the mother (and sometimes the father at a co-ed baby shower) and the baby.

Offering mom something that she can’t indulge in would be unwise, but you can re-imagine classic brunch drinks for everyone to enjoy. Mimosa is perfect for cocktails. Buy plastic champagne flutes, fill a jug with orange juice, grenadine drizzle, and ginger ale, and top each cup with a slice of orange.

Another refreshing springtime drink that you can serve to guests at a kids’ Easter party is a delicious serving of  strawberry hibiscus tea and lemonade  .

Simply mix water, hibiscus tea, lemon juice, sugar, and freshly chopped strawberries in a large pitcher and serve.

For additional food ideas, there are dozens of great brunch-related items you can serve up for excellent finger food guests. To match the Easter theme, bring a tray of traditional scrambled eggs, mini quiches filled with the ingredients of your choice and goat cheese pancakes.

A bread bar is a popular brunch-themed baby shower idea because you can put items like cream cheese, lox, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and other types of cheese.

Organizing a crafting table

Pre-planned activities are a vital part of any baby shower. While most people tend to coordinate group games related to the expectant mother and her newborn, offering a more engaging activity to the guests, such as a craft table, can create a unique atmosphere and result in new, special gifts for the mum to take home with her.

One of our favorite baby shower activities is decorating newborn clothes.

Purchase a  Gerber Onesies® brand underwear box  or  Gerber White Essentials Lane  e-  in a variety of sizes to provide baby with one-of-a-kind clothing items for months to come.

Then you can choose to offer guests a variety of fun materials to decorate their clothing items such as fabric markers and non-toxic paints and dyes.

Baby shower Easter egg hunt

Besides the crafting table and food stations, you’ll likely want to incorporate some games into the party, too. For an Easter event, it’s a good idea to celebrate a child-centered Easter egg hunt.

Hide colored eggs throughout, but you can easily replace classic kids’ prizes with adult-focused items such as small beauty products (nail polish, lipstick, etc.), lottery tickets, jewelry, or even larger prize tickets.

While Easter egg hunt is always an exciting and different game to play at an Easter themed baby shower party, you can switch up the activity by letting guests decorate their eggs with the supplies provided and hosting an Easter egg decorating contest.

Other Easter related games to play

Keep it fun throughout the baby shower with more exciting games for adults. Use the Easter theme for inspiration and be sure to bring small but desirable prizes to the winners of each contest.

A popular and relevant game is the activity of Guess the Jelly Bean Count. Fill a jar with different-colored jelly beans and leave them next to a stack of papers and a bucket, allowing guests to guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. The trick with this game is to fill the container with enough beans so that it is difficult for the guests to count each bean, but make sure there are a few candies that you can count before the match so that a proper winner can be announced. Another easy and fun Easter bathing game is the Easter Bunny.


Serve the special dessert

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without a table of delicious desserts for guests to enjoy during the festivities. For an Easter shower, there are plenty of great recipes to match the theme, including carrot cake (baby carrot cakes work great too), cupcakes decorated to look like Easter baskets and Easter egg cookies. Feel free to get creative with sweets and add traditional spring colors or motifs.

Give guests personalized services

To tie the whole Easter event together, give your guests something to leave behind and remember the special day. Party favors are a traditional aspect of baby showers, and you can find great ideas for an Easter party. Give each guest an Easter egg with their name and a cute cosmetic product inside or hand out mini engraved Easter baskets to celebrate the day and fill each with sweets and candies.

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