When you buy ipad for your kids, the first thing to do is to install the iphone parental control app

When you buy ipad for your kids, the first thing to do is to install the iphone parental control app

As the world runs the iPhone and iPad race, I know your child is desperately demanding. Well, there is nothing wrong with using them until they are used in the appropriate limit and content. Since iOS products do not accept external controls, it becomes very difficult to monitor your children with them.

Now, what do we mean by monitoring children’s activities over the phone? If you are familiar with the concept of parental control apps androids or iPhones, this is exactly the answer. If not, here’s what they are.

Suppose these apps are FamilyTime iPhone parental control app , they are used by parents to take care of their kids digitally. They allow parents to manage and control all the activities of their children on their devices. You can check your web searches, activities via apps, or on social media platforms. Moreover, you can monitor them using specific control features.

Well, since there are a lot of apps out there, not all of them provide all the features. In particular, when it comes to iPhones or iPads, the app rarely offers useful features. Here in this article, I will use FamilyTime as an example as this offers maximum features with highly customizable even for iPhones.


How will the right parental control app help parents?

The right app can help parents keep their parenting work to a minimum. This means that they can do maximum supervision or monitoring over the phone. Not only that, it helps parents to stay in touch with their kids without being physically present with them all the time so that they don’t worry too much and stay content.

In the case of FamilyTime, there are two applications. FamilyTime you install in your phone and FamilyTime Jr. on your children’s phone. There are a few simple steps to set up an account and start monitoring. You can create an account on your device and then activate the child’s device using the same information. You can add more than one child in your app and monitor them in succession.

Launch the app: In your app, the dashboard contains profiles for all of your kids. The settings for each profile can be made individually and independently. So, you can open a profile and change the settings according to your requirements. In short, its operation is as simple as anything else.

Features: The main features offered by iPhone Monitor are filtering content from the phone to allow only age-appropriate content to be viewed by your child, App Monitoring that allows you to block installed apps, Limiting screen time that can be used to limit and scheduling device usage time, Location tracking that makes you keep A record of the places your children visit. Not only that, you can use this app to select the areas you want your child to visit. If they exceed the established limits, you will be notified immediately.

Since it offers a lot of features, here is the summary.

  • You can follow and track their location history from your device
  • Set virtual boundaries around unwanted areas with geofencing features
  • Filter the content to remove all adult material
  • Block apps that have unhealthy effects on your child with our app blocker
  • Limit Screen Time to allow devices only within healthy and appropriate limits
  • Watch and monitor their contacts
  • Let your child alert you about their panic situations with just one tap with SOS Alerts
  • Allow your children to call you when they are free from their school or anywhere to enhance safety with PickMeUp Alert
  • Use the speed alert feature to be notified if your child exceeds the driving limit to make them a responsible driver

If you want to know how each of these features works or anything else about the iPhone parental control app, I recommend checking out their website in detail. Moreover, if you want to download it directly, it is available on the App Store and Play Store . Enjoy with the three-day free trial which offers all the premium features.

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