Why is my hot water system leaking?

Why is my hot water system leaking?

In fact, hot water systems drip water, especially during hot summer days, in order to regulate the pressure inside the water tank and prevent excessive pressure on it. But this is only an accidental dripping and if you find that your water heating system is constantly dripping, this is not normal and you are a serious problem at hand.

Under no circumstances should a leaky water heating system be dispensed with because the dripping water can damage floors as well as other items in the utility area. If the water system is leaking from the bottom, you should take care of it immediately because the situation will deteriorate over time and will require expensive repairs. There are professional and experienced plumbers in Sydney who can best assist you in such a situation.

Here are some of the most prominent reasons behind a leaking water heating system –

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Error: The temperature and pressure relief valve is responsible for preventing excessive pressure build-up inside the water tank and is a safety feature installed in nearly all hot water systems. There is a tube in the valve through which excess pressure is released from inside the tank in the form of a cross drip. But a malfunction of the valve may cause constant dripping even when the pressure inside the tank is normal and in such a case you need to contact your plumbing service provider to get rid of the problem ASAP.
  • Leakage drain valve: Another reason why a water heating system may leak is a fault or leak in the drain valve. The valve is intended to aid in easy maintenance and is used to drain water and sediment collected at the bottom of the tank at the time of cleaning and maintenance. A leaky drain valve is a common problem in hot water systems and can easily be replaced by a professional plumber on hot water repair jobs.
  • Inner tank leakage: This is probably the most common cause of a hot water system leak. If the water is leaking from the bottom of the tank itself and not through the valves, then it is very likely that the tank itself has experienced some structural damage and water is leaking from the bottom. Sediment deposition at the bottom of the tank due to the lack of regular maintenance causes such damages which is why cleaning the tank once every six months and removing the sediment requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Gradual aging: Like all appliance hot water systems, it has a certain life expectancy and when it reaches that period, it begins to develop the problem and leakage is the most common. If your home’s hot water system is leaking and is also nearing the end of its life expectancy, it may be best to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model.

Whatever the cause of your water heating system leaking, you should consult a professional plumbing service as they are best equipped to handle the situation.


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